I don't think in this game there will be versus Ai

For while I'm thinking how I could add "Versus Ai" mode. But with googling answears I didn't figure out. I watched pong tutorial where there is one prefab for both paddles which isn't set in game scene, same with ball minus one prefab for two objects. Game spawn those objects when that scene is called. So for in that kinda way setting up game, I couldn't figure out how to set "Versus Ai". 

Well for once I did manage but then there isn't 2 player option. I still wanted to have to have both modes. No matter how much searched couldn't find it. For now I only asked in pong tutorial video that I used same way. Haven't asked in other places yet. I don't know (or didn't know) how to word that problem. Maybe I can word it there in simmilar way like in this post. Of course not all post, only small part.

For other feature that I have made and wanted. In time I figured out. In latest buld (0.2) when I'm writing this, powers ups randomize only x axis (that is in screen width) finally I figured out how to doing for y axis (screen height) and after that I was thinking "Huh, that was easy solution. Why I didn't think of that eariler?", something like that. That isn't relased yet, that is when I'm posting this. So far I have made powers that I had idea, only with one I had troube, even when I got answer when I asked.

Well I'll be removing that from list "features that I like to add". But maybe if something clicks for me than there might be. But I don't promise it. That's why that list is called like that.

So when I have chance I'll try working on game and add more power ups. Which is only thing that I like to add? I think there might be something else or/and something comes up.

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